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Have you thought about traveling in a relaxed way in Brazil in a friend's house?

Today, with B&B Brasil, this is possible!


B&B Brazil associates hosts who offer high quality lodging in their own residences.

The hosts are selected for their passion and ability to establish interpersonal relationships and  their attention and respect for the technical requirements (cleanliness, decor of the rooms, access, services, etc.).

Each house is carefully selected, ensuring guests the expected quality.

B&B Brazil is the first Brazilian Bed & Breakfast network all over the country!

It is no longer news that the Brazilian has the hallmark hospitality. In a recent survey, it was found that one of the main factors for the demand of Brazil in the world is the friendliness and warmth of Brazilians. And it's betting that talent that B&B Brazil, launched this service to better serve visitors of our country, organizing a Brazilian B&B Network.

Bed & Breakfast Brazil is present in all areas of the country: from the biggest cities, along the coast, up to the exuberant Amazonian Forest.

Rio de Janeiro is the focus of our proposal, here is possible to choose between a variety of accommodations within B&B, apartments and sophisticated "suite resorts".

With B&B Brasil, you can discover thousands of aspects of Brazil, always enjoying the excellent comfort and the personalized care that only the hospitality in a friend's house can grant.

Our main goal is to make feel people at home, to discover and enjoy in clean and comfortable accommodations, the cheerful, hospitable and relaxed spirit of the Brazilian people.

The staff

B&B Brasil was born from the meeting between operators of marketing, tourism, communication and services. The international experiences matured from the members of the staff, have given a "added value" that has carried to think and to develop "travel solutions" online with the trend of international tourism, red-adapt to the Brazilian peculiarity, paying special attention to the local reality in order to offer "the best" of Brazil.

In Rio de Janeiro, B&B Brasil is part of the Carioca Network of B&B, a program sponsored by RioTur, the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro.

In João Pessoa, (Brazilian northeast), Bed & Breakfast Brasil, participates to the plan of "Hospedagem Alternativa" started by the local mayor.

In 2011 B&B Brasil signed a support term with SPTuris from Sao Paulo to encourage the Bed and Breakfast in the city.

In 2014 it signed a covenant with the Municipal of Porto Alegre, to promote the B&B in the Gaucha capital.